The severe downside to social media

Most of us spend waaaaayyyy too much time worrying about what others think. The really fascinating part is that it’s usually someone we don’t even know that well (or at all), or someone we really don’t care about?

When we learn the skill of not worrying about what others think about us, it is absolutely liberating. You literally feel better because you are expending far less energy on non-productive and fairly useless thoughts like,”How many likes am I getting?” “Does that post I put up make me look good?” “Do I seem funny/cute/like-able online?” “Who commented on my post?”

I have become a somewhat old fashioned throwback who doesn’t like social media. I have seen (and experienced) first hand how social media offers us a false sense of security of who we are. We are becoming steadily conditioned to needing/wanting others approval. Why? It’s temporary! 95% of someone’s social media followers are people who don’t even care about the person they are following! The only one who really matters is ourselves. If we rely too much on what others think about us, we lose control of our own identity, leaving it up to total strangers.

Something to think about if you are someone who spends a lot of time online, checking your likes and comments, or looking at other peoples pages. That time and energy could be used towards something that will serve you sooo much better.

Try going off Facebook and Instagram for one week and watch what happens.


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