The Coronavirus. It’s here. Now what?

So, by now all of know that the coronavirus is upon us…or soon will be. We should know the facts – it feels like the worst possible flu, it’s got a 5-14 day incubation period before it hits us, and it’s highly contagious.


And yes, we should be prepared. It’s a good idea to stock up on supplies, just in case we are home for a while as the businesses around us deal with employee absence…etc.

But, we need to also be mentally prepared. Meaning, we need to really work hard at focusing on our HEALTH, and not on what could be our ILLNESS. It sucks being sick. I’ve been there. You’ve been there. It sucks. But, we do get better. Our brains naturally know how to send the signals to our cells in our bodies to fight infections.

We need to assist our brains and bodies as much as we can during this time. We need to up our meditation frequency and length, we need to exercise every day, and we need to eat good foods.

I don’t know if this will stave off this nasty virus…but it will help in the intensity of it and the duration of it. It is impossible to get really sick when you’re sending healthy messages to your body. THINK HEALTHY THOUGHTS & THEN BEHAVE AS A HEALTHY PERSON! 

If I think healthy thoughts, I will produce healthy energy. If you do the same, and the next person does the same, then perhaps we can fight this thing together before it gets totally out of hand. Don’t underestimate the power of our own energy!

That said, I am suspending all upcoming Reiki sessions. While I do want to share the positive healing energy that I get from the higher power outside of me, I want to be respectful of everyone’s needs during this time.

Don’t lose hope that we are greater than any virus. We are smarter, stronger, and more aware. We just have to stay that way until this moves through and moves on.

Sending healing energy to everyone.



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