• I started working with Cristina about 8 months after having my first baby. I had been struggling with PPD and was feeling tired, sad, and anxious most of everyday. Cristina helped me pin point where and why I was having these feelings and emotions and how to change the way I react and feel towards them. With this she also helped me implement everyday tools as well as meditation to support what we were working on. Over time I truly started to feel a difference, I was feeling calmer, more energized and overall happier. If I did feel myself start to feel my old emotions I knew exactly how to change them before it got worse. Cristina gives you the tools and the support to take back the control of your life that you feel like you’ve lost. She has truly helped me and supported me in improving my everyday calm and happiness so I can be my best for my daughter and for myself.

    Melanie M. One on One Sessions via Bluejeans
  • I’m not going to lie, I went into my first meeting with Cristina a total skeptic. Incredibly enough, after only my first session I was ready to take on the challenge of changing my reality and give what she was saying a try. After 6 weeks of working with her I can honestly say I am a true believer in her method. I always knew manifestations were real and meditating had proven benefits, but I had not experienced them for myself. I now meditate on a daily basis and I’ve been able to manifest multiple desires in my life. My life has changed for the better and I can thank Cristina for teaching me how to put some very simple tools in place to make my desires my reality.

    Lauren B. One on One Sessions
  • My 16 year old daughter worked with Cristina and had great results. Teenagers by nature are not always the best at follow-through, which is an important part of the process. With Cristina's gentle guidance, my daughter became more "emotionally accountable" for her meditation and journaling. Cristina also helped her figure out the science and the "whys" behind her anxiety and depression, which lead to better understanding and healing. It takes a special adult to be relatable to teenagers and Cristina has that gift.

    Pat D. (parent of teen client)
  • Cristina is truly amazing!!! She has taught me how to manifest what I want in life and it’s a game changer. Not to mention the simple way to decompress by meditating everyday and the breathing technique. She has changed my life!! Everyone can benefit from her course and if everyone can incorporate this in their life.., the world would be a better place!

    Tracy S. One on One Sessions
  • I want to thank you for the guidance you provided in order to optimize my experience with meditation and present the benefits of meditation in a science/fact based manner. The most impactful utilization was applying what I learned with my son during an anxiety attack. Simply, applying the breathing technique I learned, I was able to get my son to breathe along with me and diffuse the anxiety state. I continue to learn and discover what works for me. Thank you.

    Dave D. One on One Sessions
  • My experience with Cristina changed the way I approach my life. In so many ways, she helps you constructively improve the way you generate thoughts; which generate feelings and behaviors. Her positive teachings and curriculum allows one to dig deep into personal experiences and thought processes to positively affect change. I highly recommend anyone for her program as no matter where you are on your own personal pendulum, she will take you farther down the road to peace and understanding.

    Andrea B. One on One Sessions
  • "Two words – Life Changing! What’s so extraordinary about Cristina’s program is that she shows you how powerful YOU already are, you just need to develop the awareness and ability to see it. Before I worked with Cristina, I was headed for disaster, mentally, physically, and emotionally. I had turned to whatever I could find to help “fix” what was wrong with me. I felt helpless and completely out of control. With Cristina’s motivation and support I was able to turn my life around, without the help of medication or any other substance. I learned how to truly love and accept myself for who I am and to change the way I think and see my life and myself. I’ve only just begun practicing living in this state of mind and have seen incredible results, so I am excited to see what the future looks like for me once I’ve mastered it. If you are ready for a life changing experience, Cristina can help you open that door.

    Kristi D. One on One Session
  • Cristina's guidance and positive influence in my life could not have come at a better time. I was struggling with personal and professional challenges I felt were insurmountable. I was referred to Cristina by a friend that talked about all the clarity and perspective that her sessions gave her and what a positive influence she had on her life. I thought to myself, why not? I could have never imagined that one person could have such a tremendous impact on my life. Before seeing Cristina, I struggled with anxiety, self-doubt, self-loathing, and catastrophizing. I was so caught up in being constantly negative and preoccupied with thoughts, I was miserable, and to top it all off, I didn't even have compassion for myself. Through my one-on-one sessions with Cristina, she was able to teach me what I feel like was the greatest gift, self-awareness. Through the meditation techniques Cristina taught, I was able to become self-aware and actually realize the path I was on was unhealthy for my mind, body, and my relationships with others. Through awareness, Cristina taught me how to think positively, be present, and be kind to myself, and happiness would come... AND IT DID! The inner peace that she has helped me accomplish has translated to both my personal and professional life. Through her teachings, I am able to be present, think clearly and calmly, and make sound decisions that are good for me. The list of benefits I got out of my time with Cristina are endless, but one of the benefits I cherish the most is the true friend and spiritual mentor I have found in Cristina. Even after my sessions ended, she lends a hand if I am struggling or in need. If you are looking for peace and happiness, Cristina can help you find it.

    Nadia Z. One on One Sessions
  • This is a life-changing experience that I would recommend to anyone interested in meditation. Cristina teaches from the heart. She provides a very approachable, clear, friendly introduction to meditation. There is a perfect balance between information and practice. I found it extremely mind-opening, the way I use to think about things has changed. I feel happier and more relaxed. Thanks for your inspirational and beautiful presence that you radiate.

    Sneza D. One on One
  • Fortunately for me I was wise enough to attend Cristina’s MindChatterInc class. I’ve always believed in the power of positive thinking and when practiced, my life was better. I experienced happiness and lived a full life. A few years ago, a series of tragic events occurred and my mindset was terrible. I suffered from anxiety, depression, and I struggled to function. At this critical point in my life I had the privilege of meeting Cristina, and with her guidance and the support, and the oversight of medical professionals I began my journey back from the dead. When I heard about this class on meditation I signed up immediately. Even though I’ve read and attended classes on the power of positive thinking, and tried meditation, this class taught me the key elements to practice and successfully transform my life. After attending the entire series of classes, and practicing the tools I was taught, I must say I see the world differently. I see beauty in the smallest things. My mind set has changed and the way I live my life has improved. Of course, I must put the work in, and when I do my days are filled with joy! No more depression and rarely any anxiety! Thank you, Cristina, for bringing me back from the dead.

    Christina S. One on One
  • Wow, I can’t sing enough praises for Cristina’s Mind Chatter instruction! It completely altered my way of looking at my thought life and my “problems,” AND very importantly, gave me practical methods to reroute my thinking along happy, constructive, peace-inducing pathways instead. Because how we think about our lives, and what we think about, does determine the way we feel about our lives, specific situations we find ourselves in, and even life in general, it is essential that we learn methods to enhance positivity of thought while learning to eliminate the old negative patterns and habits nearly all of us are so unwittingly prone to fall into. She will first show you how prone you are to do this far more than you even realize! Then she will give you the straightforward tools you need to break these self-destructive negative patterns, replacing them with positive selfenhancing ones in their stead. Surprisingly, most of the beneficial effects are instantaneous—some are developed over time with practice. But I never would have dreamed that it was as easy as it turned out to be! And I have been rewarded with infinitely greater peace of mind (much less stress and mind clutter), and yes, with far greater HAPPINESS every day!!! Thank you, Cristina!!! I am forever in your debt.

    Sally I. One on One


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