Meditation. Those that do, and those that don’t.

Meditation. That word that seems to confuse and even shun some people. Why? Well, more often than not it is because there is just a basic lack of understanding of what meditation is and what meditation does.  I find that once my clients are educated on the health benefits of mediation, they are at least willing to try it out.

But like anything, you can’t meditate a few times and then declare that it didn’t work. I’ve heard this time and time again. It goes something like this, “Yeah, I tried meditating. It didn’t work, so I quit.” To which I will ask, “Okay, how many times did you meditate?” The inevitable response, “A couple of times.”

Ah, so you tried to meditate a couple of times, didn’t feel any differently, and then gave it up. That’s like going to work out a couple of times, and then stopping because your body didn’t look any differently.

It takes time! How much time? That depends on your commitment. If you worked out every day, would your body change quicker than if you worked out once a week? Rhetorical question, of course.

It’s the same with your brain. The changes that take place during meditation will happen significantly quicker, if you do it every day.

The thing that is so cool about meditation is that unlike working out, you don’t have to go anywhere or put on a certain outfit. You can literally stay in bed if you want, in your pajamas. (Disclosure: it’s better to not meditate in bed unless you are sitting up because your body/brain associates bed with sleep and you don’t want to fall asleep…that’s not meditating, that’s sleeping.) But, if you sit up you can still stay in your jams and meditate!

So…try it. Every day for about 3 weeks. Then, let me know how you feel.


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