Mamba Mentality

Tragic news unloaded on all of us upon hearing the sudden transition of Kobe Bryant and 8 others. Whether you were a fan or not, chances are fairly good that you knew who he was and what sport he played. But did you know about his “Mamba Mentality“?

I’ll admit, I didn’t. Not until all the coverage of his untimely passing.

But now I do, and wow…am I impressed.

Apparently, I’m one of the few out here who didn’t know that this was his signature phrase? What he was known for. How his incredible belief system worked for him on the court. How it made him a better basketball player. One of the all time best, really.

What is “Mamba Mentality?”

To sum it up…it’s hard work. But not physical hard work. Mental hard work. It’s seeking the answers and not being afraid of what you might discover. It’s wanting to know more and more about how to be better.

Let that sink in…how to be better.

Those of you who have worked with me know that I am always teaching you how to change your state of being aka how to change from your old self into your new self. How do you do that? By changing your energy.

Kobe was clearly always striving for that stronger energy; the energy that made him feel better. The energy that made him be better.

It’s a fascinating concept really. One that all of us are likely thinking about more often than we realize. How do we feel better? How do we become a better version of ourselves? How do we be better?

Well, now we have an official name for it. It’s the Mamba Mentality. And we must continue on. We must continue asking questions and staying committed. We must be fearless. We must continue working hard.

Because in order for us to be better, we have to trust that the success doesn’t only come at the end, it’s evident in all the work we put into ourselves along the way.

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