Please join me on Twitter and let’s start practicing Gratitude.

Hey everyone! I would LOVE if you would follow me on Twitter! After trying all of the social media platforms, I have concluded that Twitter is the best one for me. I can quickly get my point across without having to find the perfect picture to go with it. My plan is to use Twitter to spread the message of GRATITUDE.

What exactly? Quite simply, the practice of obtaining the quality of GRATITUDE. If we can all learn to focus on what IS working in our current lives, how good we actually DO have it, and then FEEL what it is to be grateful, in a relatively short period of time, we will start to experience life differently. THIS WORKS!

In other words, feeling grateful equals thinking positively. As we all know, our thoughts are where everything begins. So if we learn to think positively, our bodies will in turn be healthier since the thought sends the signal to the body. We will actually THINK HEALTHY. Yay!

So please follow along as I post daily messages of motivation and inspiration to keep us all going on our journey through this chosen physical life.



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