Feeling stuck & what to do

If you find yourself feeling “stuck” fairly often, unable to make a confident decision, it’s fairly easy to explain what is happening.

Between our conscious (Frontal Lobe) mind & our subconscious (Parietal, Occipital, Temporal Lobes & Cerebellum) lies our ANALYTICAL MIND. Think of it like a barrier between the two minds. Which is exactly what it does – bars us from breaking through to the subconscious mind. Hence, we FEEL stuck.

When we stay hung up in our ANALYTICAL MIND, we are basically spinning around the very thing we are trying to decide. Simply put, it stays in our head endlessly butting up against this barrier.

But, in order to resolve it, it must break through and travel to the subconscious mind so it can then travel to the body (where we create emotions). Once that thought or thoughts enters the body, we form an emotional response to it. THAT IS WHERE THE ANSWER LIES!

How do you break through the ANALYTICAL MIND and ultimately reach the body??

You guessed it….MEDITATION.

So, if you’re feeling stuck and want to resolve your problem…MEDITATE.

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