Binaural Beats

Lately, I’ve been meditating to music that has binaural beats and loving the effect they’re having on me! What are binaural beats, you ask? Well, they are a series of sound frequencies that are created to target specific brain waves. What are brain waves? Brain waves are like invisible ropes of energy that send signals of communication between the neurons. What are neurons? Neurons are nerve cells that store and communicate this information.

Okay, I know that’s a lot to absorb.

Back to binaural beats. Because they are sound frequencies targeted to concentrate on specific brain waves, you can really FEEL the impact they have when you are done meditating. I’ve been super motivated and focused lately. Much more than usual!

YouTube has some meditations with Binaural beats, as do quite a few apps for your phone. Try them and see, rather FEEL, for yourself.

An app on my phone that is all binaural beats: BRAINWAVE



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