My Story

First and foremost, I am a teacher. I’ve always taught somebody in some capacity; whether it’s been elementary, middle, or high school students, and now adults. It is my passion and it’s what I was truly born to do. In 2009, I received my Master’s degree in Counseling and went on to create the first school counseling position at my kids then charter school.

My Personal Journey

In 2015, I underwent a profound personal change after spending decades with functioning low grade depression. I lost years of what should have been wonderful times, living inside my head. I was a chronic over-thinker; hyper focused on analyzing everything that I thought wasn’t working in my life.

During that year, I learned how to become consciously AWARE of my own thoughts by studying the science behind how the brain really works. In addition, I began the life-changing practice of daily meditation. The repetitive practice of these two new behaviors completely transformed me. I was left feeling in control, happier, and excited about life.


My background in teaching and counseling led me to create a science-based curriculum for my clients. My work is based on the brain research done by Dr. Joe Dispenza; which includes his studies on the positive effects of meditation. 

My Mission Statement

My sole purpose is to help you understand how your brain works in conjunction with your body. This knowledge will lead you to take control of the messages (aka thoughts) your brain generates. Being in control of what you think gives you the choice – Do I want to feel good? or Do I want to feel bad? When you combine this information with the power of meditation, get ready! You will literally transform into a new state of being.