A little GRATITUDE goes a long way.

Went out to my mailbox the other day and this was in it, a card from a couple that I met recently over a real estate deal (didn’t go through) that my husband & I were involved in. I ran into them recently and I don’t know that I’ve ever seen two people who were more stressed out than they were that day? The husband proceeded to tell me all that was going wrong with him, both business  and health wise. She joined in and was talking about her own personal struggles.

I listened, offered my sympathies, and then asked them one question…have you ever meditated?

Both said no, but that they were “willing to try anything”.

So…I shared with them what I knew meditation could do for them…and voila…this card is their follow-up.

I believe it speaks for itself.

This is the effect that  just 11 days of consistent meditation has done for them. Imagine what it can do for you?



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